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Carven - and fashion trends we dig

Marie-Louise Carven (click here) , born Carmen de Tommaso founded the fashion house Carven in 1945. From a young age, she was given to designing clothes and got herself a degree in architecture and interior d├ęcor. Carven was a woman of short height, and herself focused on creating dresses for shorter women since other top couturiers focused on designing for taller women.

With her designs soon capturing the market's imagination, Carven became a small designer of big name. Her first designed garment was a full skirted green and white striped summer dress. She was inventive in her marketing and during her perfume launch, used parachutes to market sample bottles of her perfume all over Paris in 1946. She went on to create a collection named after the movie "Gone with the Wind" to coincide with the film's release. That was in the year 1950. Hers was also among the first houses to stage runaway shows around the world. She traveled the world and used materials inspired from her travels. In her lifetime she is credited with designing clothes for about eleven films. Carven lived up to the ripe age of 105 and was made a commander of the Legion of Honor.

While fall is on its way to our world, we must gear up for the trends that set the streets on fire. Some trend that we are set to witness this fall are -

1. Embroidery on denim - this could be a trendsetting thing to do. Those innovative in their thinking can even get down to business right away by pulling out their threads and getting to work. Embroider flowers, leaves, etc. in a variety of colors to suit your taste. The look can turn a few eyes. 

2. Those familiar with needlework will find it easy to embroider their vintage dresses. Skeins of yarn, threading needles and scissors will bring that familiar feeling of putting one's mind to work in creating that unique design that will perhaps bring out a sigh from a beholder's mouth.

3. Why blame just Gucci for their granny-chic aesthetic Bedford Avenue? Or you may find some organza gowns from Valentino with delicate threads pulled through them to derive your own romantic design inspirations from.

4. If you scourge through Carven's, you might find something captivating for the fall. Let your imagination wander with some embroidered blazers or a pair of cutoffs which is a sure nod to playful couture.

5. Or just pick up the thread and needle and do a few cross stitches on your apron and post a few pictures on Instagram? For all you know it could capture the fancy of a few thousand women across the world! Like MacPherson said, hand-produced items have a special place in each one's wardrobe tan mass produced ones. She sells her own cashmere through Net-a-Porter.

6. While we are at it, why not embroider some on your canvas shoes? Like the Gucci sneakers? Or try the sweater with your name embroidered on it.